Residential and commercial solar battery and inverter solutions

Residential batteries

Home Batteries ZRGP - batteries

Discover our wide range of solar batteries for home and commercial use. From a small 5kWh wall mounted home solar batteries to stackable battery modules for commercial systems up to 500 kWh. 

Deye Hybrid Inverters

Hybrid Inverters Deye - Inverters

Browse a wide range of micro-, string- and hybrid inverters from Deye. The hybrid inverter range is fully compatible with our ZRGP batteries, offering you versatile solutions for both on-grid and off-grid sites. The Deye inverters are certified against the new AS4777.2:2020 edition that came into effect on Dec 18th 2021.


Battery and inverter all in one solutions

All-in-One battery and inverter solutions

The best of both worlds! ZRGP batteries and Deye inverters combined in outdoor rated enclosures, resulting in factory tested, easy to install, All-in-One systems.