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Looking to add a battery to your PV system? 
Need a reliable solution to store your excess PV energy? 
Look no further! Joule Power has the perfect battery and inverter combos on sale this 
End of Financial Year.

Exclusive EOFY Deals

We are excited to offer three unbeatable battery and inverter combo deals, perfect for all your energy storage needs.

Combo 5+5

Basic combo: 5+5

Inverter: 5 kW Deye inverter
Battery: 5kWh Power Base X1

Ideal for a small household with moderate electricity usage to store excess PV generated during the day and use it in the evening peak, resulting in lower utility bills,

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Combo 8+10

Advanced combo: 8+10

Inverter: 8 kW Deye inverter 
Battery: 10kWh Power Base Mate

Suitable for a bigger household to save on their energy bills by shifting excess solar energy to the evening peak.

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Combo 12+15

Ultimate combo: 12+15

Inverter: 12kW 3-phase Deye inverter 
Battery: 15kWh Power Base Mate.

Best fit for large households or small commercial with a high energy usage in the evening peak.

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Limited Time Offer

Hurry! These deals are only available until June 30th, 2024. Don't miss out on these incredible offers! Upgrade your PV system today with Joule Power's premium battery and inverter combos.

How to Order

To place your order, hit the "Order Now" button on the deal you want and provide us with your contact details. We will get back to you with For more information on the products, visit the website links mentioned in the adds or contact our sales team. Take advantage of these limited-time offers and enhance your energy efficiency today!

Custom order

Do none of the above packages fit your needs? Would you like to get a bigger battery? Get in contact with us and we'll gladly help you out with a custom combo.  

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